Friday, January 14, 2011

Jamaican Food

Ok, I'm kind of rushing on this post. Niki's computer is sick and she is expecting a full recovery  next week. Hate to break it to you..... but it's just you and me baby!  This is kind of a review/recipe.

I wanted to talk about Jamaican Food.  For those of you that have had it, you know how AWESOME IT IS, All types of flavors and spices popping out in every single bite!

Today my brother and I went and picked up some Jamaican food.

***SHOUT OUT to IONIE'S CARIBBEAN KITCHEN in Loganville Georgia.***

We ordered,  Jerk Chicken which came with peas, rice, vegetables (broccoli & cabbage) and fried plantains.  We also ordered Jerk Maccaroni and Cheese (which is my personal fav!).

  First of all let me start off by saying they give you a ton of food!  We had plenty!!  I personally LOVED IT!  Daniel (my hubs) loved it!  Even my 5 yr old loved the jerk chicken!  My brother and sister in law ate it, said they liked it, I told them to be honest, and they re-assured me it was real good "just more authentic tasting" than the restaurant they use to go to.  (well, the purpose was to eat "Jamaican food", right?)

Anyways, If you live in Georgia around the Loganville/Snellville/Monroe areas,  I strongly suggest you check out Ionie's Caribbean Kitchen cause it is the bomb!  The jerk mac & cheese ROCKED and i'm ADDICTED.  The restaurant is clean,the food is reasonably priced, the people are friendly, the food is available up front for you to see in plain site.  Best of all there is a picture of Bob Marley on the wall!  If some Bob Marley music was playing i would've been in heaven!  (we all know how much i love Bob!)

Become friends with Ionie's Caribbean Kitchen on Facebook to take a look at their dishes and meet the staff (which are extremely friendly and helpful.... they make you feel right at home).  Ionie's Caribbean Kitchen

I've never attempted to make jerk chicken, it seems complicated, and u've gotta most definetely have the rice peas and plantains to go with it....but i'm going to post a video below for those who are interested. YOU COULD ALWAYS GO TO A LOCAL JAIMAICAN RESTAURANT and TRY IT OUT!

Jamaican food in my opinion (from the right restaurant or from the right recipe) gets 5 Mmmmms and can I have another bite!

Deliciously Yours,

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